Driver Updates


New opportunity You may have seen on social media that we have started a new venture called DRIVE DELIVERS. This will open up a new source of bookings for our drivers, delivering food for local restaurants/take aways alondside the normal passenger bookings. The bookings will be dispatched in the normal method, you will swipe ‘arrive’ when you arrive at the restaurant, ‘pick up’ when the order is picked up and so on. The prices will be fixed, and shown in the ‘job details’ section as normal. You will collect fixed price from the resturant/take away when you pick up the order. We hope this will help our drivers, and as before derivers who help out will increase their rating, giving them lower penalties and higher priority for all bookings!

Username and Password on Driver App

New investment We have upgraded our system to add the ability to use iPhones as driver PDAs, for this functionality we had to change the log in method for added iPhone security. When you log in, it will ask for you to ‘Create Account’, press this button and enter your email address – you will receive an email with password. Enter this email and password into your driver companion app (Either on Android or Apple) and you will be prompted to change to a new password. Once this is done, you can now log in and start shift as before. P.s. It will ask you to enter the REG number of your vehicle.

Driver Penalties

Work is getting very busy, especially school times We will be changing the penalties for job recover and reject, lowering for good drivers who help out and increasing penalty times for drivers who do not. Jobs are being cancelled because drivers in the area are rejecting jobs, and we are losing customers – This is not good! This will be reviewed weekly, if a driver improves their stats then they will be reinstated to the ‘good driver’ banding – being offered more jobs and lower penalties.

Droitwich Spa

Growing outwards, expanding our customer base! As we hope you have already seen, we are getting many new bookings from Droitwich Spa, Ombersley, Holt etc – It was always our plan to grow out to these areas, with the hope that one large catchment area will allow drivers to earn more money. It is already working well, and many drivers have made extra income from bookings in these areas. It is important that these bookings do not run late, any new customer we make is increasing the potential money YOU will make in the future. Already many of you will have had bookings from these new areas on your way back from another booking, and we plan to make this even more likely for you in the future.

New Account Bookings

We have some exciting news for our drivers! As of Thursday 13/08/2020 there will be some new corporate account jobs coming – bookings from Network Rail, Car Hire companies, Breakdown firms and other transport providers. These are account bookings, and will show up as ‘ACCOUNT’ on your driver companion when you receive the booking. These will be fixed price jobs, and you will be able to see the price in the booking details (Your meter will show £0.00) – Please do not ask cash from the customer! It is very important these bookings do not run late! Any questions call Ausman or Rizwan