About us

 Drive Taxi App LTD is a fresh, new and exciting technology based company aiming to bring the taxi trade in your area up to date! Starting out in Worcester, our vision is simple - providing reliable service each and every time, at affordable, wallet-friendly rates. 

Providing Worcester with the most efficient taxi service to date

Drive Taxi App gives Worcester, Hereford, Droitwich, Pershore, Evesham and all the surrounding areas access to the first modern taxi and private hire booking system, with the ability to easily and conveniently book at the touch of a button, select vehicle type, get instant quotations, track exactly where the vehicle is and how long until it arrives, pay by card or cash... and so much more!

We dedicate special attention to support you and your business, our customer support can answer all your questions in a timely manner. Contact us via email, phone, or chat about your taxi requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For our business taxi accounts we can offer premium plans which put them at the top of our list of priorities, ensuring less than 1 work day in response times. Please allow for 5 working days when you commence opening a new business account, we endeavour to respond to all your requirements in order to set the solid foundations for successful cooperation in years to come.

Core Values

Safety, transparency, modern technology and professionalism

For far too long the taxi and private hire trade in areas such as Worcester, Hereford, Drotiwich, Pershore, Evesham and many others has been lagging behind, relying on archaic technologies and leaving the paying public dissatisfied.


No more excuses

“...How long ‘til my cab gets here, I ordered it 25 minutes ago, you said 5 more minutes 10 minutes ago...”
“ ...My train is in 10 minutes, I ordered hours ago, WHERE IS THE TAXI?!”
“...Can I pay by card? I don’t have cash on me and I need to get back home for the babysitter asap...”
“...I can’t see the cab, which one is it?..”
“...I want to order a taxi for my teenage daughter, is it possible to know who is picking her up?..”

These questions have remained unanswered for far too long, our service addresses all of these issues and offers more.

Working With Us

Let's partner up!

Drive Taxi App can provide special rates for our business accounts. Need a reliable transportation or private car service for your top ranked employees? Get in touch and let's grow your business together.